Our Goals:

To provide Contractors and HVAC professions highly competitive prices, professional and convenient service and top-notch professional advice .

Help contractors and homeowners to improve energy efficiency in residential homes 

Residential Air Leakage Testing
We use the latest state of the art equipment to certify the CFM levels of new residential homes and additions in accordance with building codes.  We provide contractors and building officials with the certified results.


Air Duct Testing

Testing is available at rough or post-construction.  Our methods provide HVAC professionals with fast efficient service.


Air Leakage Reduction Consultation and Trouble-Shooting

 With the soon to be adopted new 2012 IECC Code standards requiring 3rd party testing and CFM rates at 3, (currently 7), contractors and DIYers may struggle with how to change their installation practices to meet the new requirements.  We offer our customers training/support in the current 2009 IRC and IECC  codes and in new building and installation methods necessary to meet the requirements of the 2012 IECC code changes that will be adopted in 2015.

In addition, if leakage issues are found, we can consult with a contractor/homeowner to identify leakage areas and offer advice to remedy the issues.



Holly Herzman BPI #5054855 is the owner and main technician for Air-TightCT.  She offers contractors and homeowners fast, economical and reliable whole house and air duct  leakage testing and balancing. As an added benefit, she contracts with professionals who are experts in the building trades and the 2012 IECC Code requirements and energy efficiency standards.

Duct Leakage Testing Services in Cheshire, CT

Equipment we use for duct leakage testing in Cheshire, CT

Residential and Light Industrial air infiltration and air duct testing